Digitizing Public Services in Europe: Putting Ambition into Action

A report entitled Digitizing Public Services in Europe: Putting Ambition into Action was recently released by Capgemini for the European Commission. The report takes the pulse of eGovernment in Europe and is the ninth measurements of digital services of its kind.

The main focuses in the report includes how well digital services meet the the European i2010 action plan; How well the available eGovernment services are efficient, are able to include easy access to online services for all citizens, implement high impact services and strengthen participation and democracy.

The presented data shows that Ireland, Malta, Austria and Portugal rank best of the European countries on online sophistication.

Current and future challenges

Even though the report recognizes that the basic 20 services are available for almost all evaluated countries, it shows that the online sophistication levels significantly differs between national regional levels. Not surprisingly, the online national services score better than regional services, and online services in cities score better than in non-urban areas. A conclusion to be drawn from this is that even though eGovernment are mature on a national level in Europe, much work is left on regional levels.

Further challenges include take-up and impact. Even though services exists only 42% of individuals aged 16 to 74 use the Internet for interaction with public authorities. Another challenge is efficient trans-European interoperability.

Morten Goodwin

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