Web Accessibility Checking

eGovMon logoA new version of the eAccessibility Checker has been launched by the eGovMon-project.

The tool targets checking how accessible web pages and web sites are for people with special needs. This new release focus on being understandable both for content providers and web developers. People no longer need to be web accessibility experts to find out both the accessible status of a web page and how to improve it.
The tool also includes an accurate presentation of the code ((X)HTML and CSS) which creates barriers. As well as good and bad examples of web accessibility.

Can you make your web site accessible and get the Checked by eGovMon-logo?

4 Responses to Web Accessibility Checking

  1. Deniz says:

    Hi Morten,

    I congratulate you for implementing this tool. It is very fast and found many errors in our site.


    Unfortunatelu, we can not get the logo yet but we will work on fixing the issues. Thanks again!

  2. What an awesome implementation for website assessibility tool, this will be a effective tool to have.

  3. Thank you for an effective tool for analyzing our website and being able to stay abreast any web 2.0 problems our site could be having.

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