United Nations Global E-Government Survey 2010

UN E-government 2010 reportThe United Nations Global E-government Survey 2010 is now available. This fifth UN E-government survey focuses on e-government at a time of financial and economic crises.

The first part of the report is a discussion on ways e-government can mitigate the effects of the financial crises on development. It sees e-government in the light of the following United Nations priorities:

  1. Stimulus funds, transparency and public trust. By October 2009 the financial stimulus packages summed up to about one third of the gross world income. At the same time, the trust in banks decreased.
  2. Roles of e-government in financial regulation and monitoring. Government deploy ICT as a response to the financial crises which has the potential to improve the policy making process.
  3. E-service delivery and how it relates to the millennium development goals including how e-government poverty eradication, education, gender-inclusive approach to service delivery.

The second part is the results from the global survey. As previously, this includes the e-government ranking of the United Nations member states, regions and comparisons to the previous survey. Additionally, the second part includes the e-participation ranking and a (superficial) methodology section.

Please see the official page for more details.

8 Responses to United Nations Global E-Government Survey 2010

  1. aviad says:

    where can i find last years survey?


  2. Sabarish.K says:

    It is indeed a highly appreciable work and is also a great yardstick in the hands of e-gov practitioners like me to benchmark the e-gov applications in our State – Kerala. a great publication keep up the good work
    Mission Coordinator
    Kerala State IT Mission

  3. Brendan E. Asogwa says:

    The survey report is in-dept and come at the right time when scholars need it most for the researches and scholarly communication. Thumb up and keep it up.

  4. Bruno Bucher says:

    Why does the link to the PDF of the Survey 2010 no more work?

  5. LALIT KUMAR says:

    why they haven’t consider the following aspects in ranking?
    1. Population of the country.
    2. Financial conditions of people.
    3. literacy of people.

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