Smarter, Faster, Better eGovernment

December 10, 2009

Capgemini has released its 8th eGovernment Benchmark Measurement called Smarted, Faster, Better eGovernment.

International eGoverment surveys are always interesting. This is especially true when surveys include an aim at measuring user experience, as the Capgemini survey does.

In this survey, user experience is divided into six sub categories:

  1. Usability
  2. Accessibility – Manual
  3. User Satisfaction
  4. One-Stop-Shop
  5. User Focus
  6. Accessibility – Automatic

From the above user experience categories, there are some interesting points to take note from. The manual evaluations were limited to checking if the national portals could be viewed with various font sizes. It turns out that this was possible for almost every portal and the metric was finally dropped.

Another interesting point is that Capgemini has chosen to measure web accessibility automatically using the technology from the European Internet Accessibility Observatory (EIAO). Capgemini states that technology conducts a series of automated tests following the  Unified Web Evaluation Methodology. From each national portal, 6000 pages were downloaded and about 300 pages examined. (It should be noted that EIAO is no longer being developed. The project measuring Web accessibility automatically, building on the EIAO application, is eGovMon.)

According to Capgemini, the top five countries in Europe when it comes to Web accessibility is:

  1. Austria,
  2. Netherlands,
  3. Denmark,
  4. Norway and
  5. Germany

This ranking list is further supported by Capgemini stating that Austria regularly proceeds with self assessment of government Web sites. Furthermore, that the Netherlands have a strict Web accessibility policy; all Web sites launched after September 1st 2006 in the Netherlands must conform to strict accessibility guidelines within the end of 2010.