Assessing Web Accessibility Online

Several tools for automatic assessment of web accessibility exists online. Note that automatic checking of accessibility can not detect all possible barriers. Thus, automatic evaluation can be used to find barriers on web sites/web pages and be used to show that a web site is inaccessible. However, automatic evalutation alone cannot be used to claim conformance to web accessibility.

Despite this, studies have shown that results from automatic accessibility evaluation can be used to predict manual results.

In addition to accessibility of traditional web pages ( (X)HTML and CSS ), similarly other document formats, such as PDF, may be more of less accessible as well. Note that one of the criteria of WCAG 1.0 was that W3C formats were used (such as (X)HTMl and CSS and e.g. not PDF). However, WCAG2.0, which was launched in the end of 2008, no longer has such restrictions.

Web Pages – (X)HTML and corresponding CSS):


Open Document Format (ODF):

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